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Synthetic Culture

@ The Egg Club

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Synthetic Culture is London's freshest and most talked about alternative event. It runs every third friday of the month at The Egg Club, Kings Cross.

Bringing together the talents of London's finest alternative DJs, Mick from Monsta Entertainment (who throws a party like no-one else can!), and the finest venue in the capital, Synthetic Culture is redefining what's expected from an alternative night out in London.

Featuring an all weather courtyard for chilling when the dancefloor gets too intense, in addition to three floors of the best in Rock/Metal, Industrial/Goth/Punk, and Electro/Eighties, and a caribbean BBQ to soak up some of the alcohol so you can sober up for the ride home... or just keep drinking.

Use this community to plan meet-ups, post pics (BEHIND cuts please), discuss events and generally ramble on to your heart's content.

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